Kind words from clients


Positive, motivating and inspiring.

I first met Vanessa on a 12-week course I was doing on healthy living, nutrition and exercise. Vanessa was the coach for the exercise class and also a life coach.


From attending the 12-week course I got to know Vanessa and love her classes after 1.5 hours of nutritional information.


I found her to be very positive, motivating and inspiring.


I went on to do a free session with Vanessa and others on zoom, which gave me a snapshot invite into what more Vanessa could do and how I felt she could help me.


I then went on to attend a 5-day evening session with Vanessa and a few others on

zoom and found the course to be so empowering and wonderful for me. I used

some of the tools she had given me to try and rediscover my relationship

that was failing to the point of no return.


I took the information Vanessa gave me which included visualisations, meditation,

breath work and movement as well as her great enthusiasm and positivity and

turned the way I looked at things and the negativity I was sending out, to positivity

and used a lot of Breath work to calm myself down when I felt I was getting stressed.


I gained so much insight into how my behaviour affected others around me and turned it into positive thoughts and behaviours and I feel so much lighter, happier and brighter.


I can only say that Vanessa is brilliant and would recommend her work to anyone who was struggling in their lives and needed help.

Vanessa and clients
My lovely client

Life Changing!

I had no idea what to expect from Life Coaching and never really felt it was for me, but I couldn’t have been more wrong, it is LIFE CHANGING!


Vanessa is so down to earth and guides you through a clever process with such compassion and empathy.  Life is very busy and my coaching sessions with Vanessa provided time out to actually stop and think.


Vanessa’s knowledge and enthusiastic approach helps you take small practical steps to improve your life.  The coaching framework is very clever at encouraging you to explore your underlying core beliefs and values, helping you to focus your attention on what is important to you.


Thanks so much Vanessa for all your encouragement and wise words, this has been such a positive experience, not only impacting me but those around me too!


Calmer and Confident

When I recently started a new job, I not only found myself trying to learn a new role and fit into a new company but also trying to work out who I was.


I had been focusing on being a wife and mum for so long, I had forgotten who the real ‘me’ was. My needs always seemed to be bottom of the pile, I was constantly stressed and overcome with anxiety about things. Playing scenarios of events and conversations over and over in my head. Winding myself up with thoughts about things that hadn’t happened yet.


I received an email from Vanessa about her You Bloom programme, I suddenly identified with everything she was saying and she seemed to understand everything that was in my head.


I have been working with Vanessa for quite a while now, it has not been an easy journey. Examining ones inner thoughts and feelings is never a comfortable process and it is something you have to be 100% committed to. But it has been very worthwhile as I feel like a different person, much calmer and more confident and I understand who I am. I also have my ‘toolkit’ to help me to manage the stress and anxiety.


I can’t thank Vanessa enough for coaching me along the way, not only our one to one sessions, but the catch up phone calls and the Facebook posts that also helped keep me on track (and still do).


I really would recommend Vanessa and her You Bloom transformational programme to anyone.”

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