Trust your inner knowing

Are you struggling to feel good, no matter what you do?


You feel anxious and exhausted


Your thoughts are spiralling


Your relationships are suffering


You're filling your life with distractions


Your life lacks purpose and direction

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I can help you bloom into the fullest version of yourself

Not long ago, I felt the same way.

This is what inspired me to qualify as a transformational life coach.

Today I refer to myself as a Freedom Coach and Mentor. 

My personal belief is that everybody, no matter age, gender or circumstances deserves to feel..

“Freedom in the Body, Brain and Spirit”

Radical transformation is possible when you learn the free tools and techniques that cost nothing and empower you to feel better. 

Change your energy and you will change you life, it really is that simple! 

Through the integration of these tools, you will change your human experience and start living again.

Reveal your true self through the elements of nature, energetics, movement and coaching

Hi I'm Vanessa

3 Ways to THRIVE rather than survive in life

Inspire #GROW

grow the plant

The seeds have been planted and intuitively you desire to unlock more potential and change your life.

We ‘Think what we Create’ and you have the power to create anything! 

1 month 1-1 programme

Inspire #BLOOM

grow the plant

Transformation isn’t complicated ! However it takes time,
commitment and investment.

You do the work and through embedding the new behaviours will begin to see the ripple effect
in your life.  

This programme offers accountability longer term to ensure you get the results you desire!

6 month 1-1 transformation programme


you will bloom

Magic truly happens when you follow the process through each season and join a community of like minded souls who are committed to transformation.

In addition to 1-1 coaching you will also benefit from group coaching.  The community environment is a safe and   supportive space, shared with others on the same journey.  

The community champion each other,  share experiences and keep each other accountable.  Often resulting in friendships for life!

12 month group 
transformational programme

Frequently Asked Questions

What is empowerment coaching?

Based on the three principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought ~ Syd Banks. 

We experience our “thinking” of ourselves, others and the world and as a result, create our experience of life from ‘the inside ~ out’

There is an intelligence within all of us, an ‘energy’ and by creating the right environment you cannot fail to naturally thrive.

Conversely the opposite is also true. 

Change the environment and thinking, then watch as the magic unfolds in your life!

Transformational coaching primes the awareness (consciousness) to behaviours, values and beliefs that are subconsciously being played out to recreate the same experiences day, week, month and year. 

Blooming Unique Soul fuses the knowledge of neuroscience, the 5 elements of nature, energetics, movement and the coaching framework to guide your transformational journey.

Through raised awareness, conscious thinking and decision making, you will feel inspired to take small incremental steps, that have the power to create new results in any area of your life!

What results will I get?

Put simply happiness from the inside out.  You will no longer rely upon the external (other people, material items or quick fixes: media, food, alcohol, drugs, sex etc) to generate feelings of fulfilment and joy.  You will be the captain of your ship. 

Gain control over your emotional and mental state and the tools to steer the rollercoaster that is life.  The pendulum of life will remain constant and calm. 

The impact will penetrate every part of your being, from physical wellness including quality of sleep, to improved personal and interpersonal relationships.  

You will rediscover your zest and enthusiasm for life!

How does it work?

The coaching partnership created is based upon an exchange of energy.  Energy can be transmitted powerfully via an online or face to face environment. 

You will be encouraged to harness nature into the experience and wherever possible, in person sessions will be held outdoors. 

Sessions are 75 minutes in duration and start with the opportunity to clear the mind of the clutter that arrives with you.  This is achieved through focused breathing and a ‘clearing of the space’ activity.  

When fully present, the door opens into the intelligence of the body and an opportunity arises to check in with how you feel and set a conscious intention to gain the maximum benefit from the empowerment coaching session.

How long is the programme?

Sustainable change doesn’t occur overnight and generally speaking is not a ‘flick of the switch’, however ONE powerful ‘INSIGHT’ has the potential to shift your behaviour in an instant and change your reality.  

Form a coaching partnership with Blooming Unique Soul and I will walk alongside you for the duration of your choosing.  I will bring the coaching tools, hold you accountable and provide the space for reflection and goal setting. 

*See the #INSPIRE Grow programme above*

How much does empowerment coaching cost?

Unlike other transactions whereby a physical item is purchased ~ sofa or experience ~ holiday, the investment is in YOU and your personal TRANSFORMATION.  The resulting transformation has the potential ripple effect on everyone and everything around you. 

Fees vary depending on the duration of the partnership.  

Book a no obligation connection call to start your transformation today…

Disclaimer:  the real work happens OUTSIDE of the empowerment coaching sessions.  The coach is not there to ‘fix you‘ or do they have a magic wand, it’s through your commitment to change that transformation takes place.

The power of the coaching partnership created, supports you to ‘trust the process’ and take the small steps towards a new future.  I believe you are capable of creating the life you desire and will bring the framework to guide you along your way, however ultimately, you do the work to make it a reality.

How do I begin?

If you are able, follow me on social media and discover for yourself whether you resonate with me. ‘Notice what you notice’ and listen to what’s coming up, you will intuitively ‘know‘ whether I can guide you to changing your life. 

Reach out and start a conversation to get the ball rolling… a whole new reality awaits you! 

Where can I learn more?

Find me on FACEBOOK ~ Vanessa Bloom

Instagram ~ Blooming Unique Soul

Join Movement and Mindset sessions live Tuesdays 7:15am on social media platforms. 

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